Al’s Light Meals

Are you sick of eating greasy food? Are you done with going to restaurants that pollute the environment?

Fact: Global warming’s main causes are cooking smoke from greasy restaurants and human flatulence that result from eating greasy meals from said restaurants.


The picture above is of an ACTUAL RESTAURANT*.

*No it’s not.

Well do I have a solution for you:


Rather than conventional cooking techniques that kill puppies, Al’s Light Meal restaurants cook your food in photocopiers:


“But how can this possibly work?” you may ask. The answer is simple: science!

Photons from the photocopier collide with the raw food molecules, cooking them.


The result: a delicious, quick, healthy meal!

  • No preservatives!
  • No trans fats!

So next time you want a meal, come to Al’s for a LIGHT MEAL!

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One thought on “Al’s Light Meals

  1. […] the genius that brought you Al’s Light Meals (you remember, the sandwiches cooked in photocopiers?) comes a new quantum leap in sandwich […]

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