Al over the years (as seen by the man)


My name is Al, and for those of you who don’t know me, I currently look kinda like this:

al now small

I say “kinda” because that photo is actually more than a year old, but I pretty much still look like this. It’s hard to tell in this photo as my hair is normally invisible against the night sky, but I’ve shaved my head, and I’m not wearing glasses.

However, if you received an email from me at Microsoft over the past 4 years, you saw this photo in Outlook:


This photo was taken in 2006 during my Microsoft summer internship orientation. At the time, I was growing out my hair because it seemed like the “Seattle-ish” thing to do (or I was just kinda of lazy… not sure which it really was). I was a solid 20lbs lighter (though this girl at the ProClub thought I looked heavier in this photo), and I had glasses. The orientation folks took this photo, set it as my “profile photo,” and I thought it was too adorable to change over 40 years (even after I gained some weight, shaved my head, and lost the glasses).

Fast forward back to the present — I’m once again a student, and if you’re a security guard at Columbia and checked my ID, you’d see this photo:


This photo was taken in 2003. I was a senior in high school, and my college needed me to send in a photo to put on my student ID. This school, which I’ve come back to now, has such great record keeping that they’ve kept my student ID photo on file, preventing me from submitting a new photo. As a result, this is the photo on my student ID.

Aww! Old photos! Okay, trip down memory lane over.


2 thoughts on “Al over the years (as seen by the man)

  1. Mike L says:

    Too adorable to change over 40 years? Man, it’s going to be weird when if you go back to Microsoft and that’s still your Outlook photo when you’re 60.

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