Preparing for a move: just the tip… that I give people.

I’ve had two reasonably crappy experiences with relocating to a new home recently, but there’s always been one fun part of it: finishing all of your booze so that there’s less to move. In today’s post, I chronicle what I’ve been drinking recently and  talk about how great drinking is in general!

1. Dalwhinnie


When I arrived in New York, Mike, Jeet, and I celebrated by buying a bottle of liquor that only I liked. Yay! Dalwhinnie is a delightful, slightly smoky single malt Scotch. I like to say that it warms the cuckolds of your heart, but Mike likes to remind me that the proper word is “cockle.”

2. Hoegaarden


Jeet and I were looking for some beers that would be good to drink while watching Jersey Shore. Since Jeet wasn’t really a big fan of beer, I thought I needed to introduce him to something that would be flavorful but not too heavy. I settled on Hoegaarden, a unfiltered and delightfully spiced wheat beer. Fun thing I learned about Hoegaarden: they are not fun to drink a lot of to make moving easier.

3. Woodchuck Amber Cider

woodchuck cider

Mike flat out does not enjoy beer, and any time he tastes liquor, he makes this awful face like a child eating broccoli. I set out on a mission to find something that he could enjoy. Cider is sweet and alcoholic! Mike is okay with this.

4. Pinot Project Pinot Noir


No idea what this is, but it was on hand, and it needed to be drank, so in the words of Putty, “gotta support the team.”

5. Mike’s Hard Mango Punch


I invited a bunch of people over to motivate me while I packed and offered to buy booze in return. When I saw that QFC had  Mike’s Hard Mango Punch, my reaction was, “Mike’s Hard has a new flavor???”

Ionno! Sometimes you gotta mix it up with something sweet!

6. Bitburger


To be clear, I like a good Bud Light in the morning, but I think pilsners get a bad name when people associate them with less flavorful, mass-produced American beers like Budweiser and Coors. Bitburger is a pilsner done right! It is best served cold while you’re sick of packing and kinda sitting and enjoying the summer air.

7. Le Fin du Monde


Le Fin du Monde is a flavorful abbey-style Belgian trippel. Its alcohol content is relatively high. I’m actually a bigger fan of Delirium Tremens, but La Fin Du Monde seems to be easier to find. This was another “hey guys, drink good beer with me while I pack” beer.

8. Columbia Winery’s Covey Run Moscato

covey run moscato

Any time I drink this, I make up some BS story about how it reminds me of a delightful spring night’s jaunt through the Italian countryside. Over the hills, you can almost see Hannibal’s war elephants traversing the Italian alps and heading for Rome, and in the brook to your right, Silvio Berlusconi is inner tubing with 5 Italian models/actresses. Okay, I’m not a wine guy. I just know that I like the Moscato (enough to tolerate the almost guaranteed hangover).

9. Other stuff

So I think I realized that I should probably cut down on the drinking when I realized that I needed an “other stuff” section to cover all of the other stuff I’ve had over the last two weeks that I’ve had to “finish” to “make moving easier.” There was sake, a box of red wine, and a bunch of other beer. So that said, I’ll just kinda sign off for now.

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