The Ramen Kit

I’m pretty excited today because my “Ramen Kit” has arrived in the mail. What’s a “Ramen Kit” you ask? It’s:


  • A 7” Bowl
  • A couple pairs of chopsticks (textured at the bottom for enhanced grippiness!)
  • A soup spoon (that I don’t really use, but the Ramen Kit would be incomplete without it)
  • ~40 packs of Chinese instant noodles

Often when I tell people about my Ramen kit, I’ll get a either the response of “oh. nice, I guess?” or “hey, for a guy that works out as much as you do, I’m surprised you don’t care more about what you put in your body” (cough cough, Andrew). To those of you that are thinking the latter, I’ve put together the following responses. (They’re kinda mutually exclusive, so imagine that if someone said it to me, I’d pick one of these responses at random.)

  • Hey, that’s a rather bourgeois comment! I’m a starving college student with almost no income (due to my love of beer, whiskey, and high-rise apartments). This is a solid number of calories for a fraction of a dollar!
  • There’s all this nutritional “voodoo” about how bad everything is for you and how one study shows this and another study shows that. Yeah, preservatives probably aren’t great for you, but worrying about it seems to be a second order problem compared to having solid health fundamentals like exercising a lot and making sure you’re getting your macro nutrients (protein, carbs, fats), which I’ll make sure I get across the entire day.
  • Yeah, you’re probably right, but I make up for it by having Tasti-D. Did you know it’s only 70 calories????

So that’s that for today. Next: my thoughts on how Banquet TV dinners have changed over the years.

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One thought on “The Ramen Kit

  1. Mike L says:

    “…no income (due to my love of beer, whiskey, and high-rise apartments)” sounds like you lost your job because you’re a high rolling whiskey drunk. Bought some Macallan 30?

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