Liveblogging the Western Republican Presidential Debate

OK – so in conclusion, sorry everyone, this has been awful. I’ll go back to what I do best: posting about profound things. For example, people keep having trouble opening the door at work. I’ll figure out why! Is it because they’re pushing instead of pulling? Or are they not turning the door knob enough? We’ll find out! ‘til next time!

9:53 Woot! It’s over! I hope CNN now gets a bunch of people whose opinions don’t really mean anything to bicker over how great/awful Republicans are.

9:50 +5pts to Newt Gingrich for accusing Anderson Cooper of having a debate format that maximizes back-and-forth bickering.

9:44 When’s the evening gown portion of the debate?

9:41 Commercial/protein break!

9:39 –5pts to Rick Santorum. Iran Contra wasn’t a real problem? Come on now. Come on. 4realz.

9:36 +5pts to Ron Paul for using a clever hand gesture to get Anderson Cooper’s attention.

9:34 Question from the audience: “White people are having a hard time in the US. Why do we send foreign aid abroad?”

9:30 Oooh hostage negotiation question. I’d like to hear how they get out of this one!

My summary of what Hermain Cain’s saying:

“I would have a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Then I’d look on a terrorist by terrorist basis to decide whether to negotiate with them.”

9:27 Bachmann seems to want to search for the WMDs in Iran.

9:23 Long meandering comment by Rick Perry that reveals that he doesn’t know what “repudiate” means.

9:16 SO – I regret that I’m just kinda commenting on the theatrics of the debate instead of adding any real insight to it, but uh… ionno. Is there anything to say? Does anyone really want to hear me making fun of Republicans? I feel like the best thing I could actually do is teach an online economics course. Anyway, commercial’s over. A question from Mike Richards? KRAMER???

9:04 +5pts to me if someone says “gold standard” in their response to how they’d fix housing problems.

9:02 Free market should decide where nuclear waste goes! Because everyone knows that corporations are in the best position to decide where nuclear waste goes.

8:56 –5pts to Rick Perry for blatantly disregarding Anderson Cooper’s control. +5pts to Rick Perry for blatantly disregarding Anderson Cooper’s control.

8:49 +10pts to Bachmann for politely raising her hand to get speaking time!

8:45 +5pts to Anderson for quoting Hermain Cain on the electrified fence.

8:42 +5pts to Mitt Romney for lecturing Rick Perry on the rules.

8:36 This thing seriously goes until 10? I’m running out of arbitrary reasons for giving Rick Santorum points.

8:33 +1pt to Bachmann for yelling “Anderson!” repeatedly trying to get speaking time.

8:31 +5pts to Newt Gingrich for telling everyone to “focus.”

8:27 +5pts to Rick Santorum for “income mobility.” –5pts for criticizing Mitt Romney on Obamacare. Isn’t that the one question that you think he’s had the most time to prep on?

8:21 Why was Mitt Romney allowed to make that long speech? Why isn’t Rick Santorum making a speech? This is biased.

8:16 Rick Perry – “I’ve got a great plan. But I’m not sharing it with you yet, but I’m going to have it, and it’ll be great!”

8:14 People stop having kids when taxes are high. +5pts to Rick Santorum.

8:13 I feel like Herman Cain always sounds like he’s lecturing me when he talks.

8:08 Everyone seems to be writing something while Anderson Cooper is explaining the rules. What can they possibly be writing? Did you not learn the rules ahead of time?

8:06 National Anthem. 5pts to Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney for mouthing the words to it. Or lip synching?

8:03 Oh nice, they’re taking attendance.

8:01 Wow CNN makes the presidential campaigning a year before the actual elections look pretty exciting. I bet they could do wonders for pre-season football!

8:01 Oh yay!

8:00 Oh snap it’s starting. I hope they have a video montage telling me what the West is all about.

7:36 About ‘alf an ‘our ago, Jessi told me to Liveblog tonight’s debate, so I’m going to do it. I’m pretty excited about finding out who’s the best candidate to become the next President of the Western Republican.

Warning: I’ve never liveblogged anything before, and I can’t guarantee that this will be anything more than half-assed. I may get distracted and go play StarCraft midsentence or something. No promises!

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2 thoughts on “Liveblogging the Western Republican Presidential Debate

  1. Jessi Murray says:

    I mean, the theatrics are most of it, right?

    Has the audience clapped at anything terrible yet?

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