Cut to the Chases: Limitless, Take Me Home Tonight, and Step Up 3D: Tokyo Drift

For a lot of people, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a four day weekend when you finally have a chance to relax and watch a bunch of Netflix. For me, I call this “Thursday.”

This weekend, I’ve watched Limitless, Take Me Home Tonight, and Step Up 3D, and I’ll cut to the chases of all three of them.

1. Limitless220px-Limitless_Poster

Bradley Cooper takes a pill that makes him smart. When he stops taking the pill, he vomits a lot and walks funny. Russian loan sharks are mean to him. Robert De Niro pretends to know a lot about money.



220px-Take_Me_Home_Tonight_Poster2. Take Me Home Tonight

See: Can’t Hardly Wait. For kicks, you can also see Post Grad, but I don’t recommend it. That’s probably just over-thinking it.

Warning: This film is vaguely 80’s themed. Like Donnie Darker, but vaguer.


220px-Step_up_3d3. Step Up 3D: Tokyo Drift

This is a save-the-rec-center-via-dance ala Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo style film, but instead of a rec center for kids, it’s a warehouse where Luke, a guy who loves to dance, houses a bunch of other people that love to dance. Yes, they all just live in a warehouse.

This is also about Moose from Step Up 2D. Though he loves to dance, his parents want him to pursue a career in engineering, so this is a story of Moose moving to New York to study electrical engineering at NYU.

How does it end? Well, it’s really a three-part ending.

First, they win the dance competition against a rival dance group called "the Samurai,” earning enough money to save their dance warehouse.

Then, we see Moose in a heartfelt meeting with his dean proposing that they allow him to be the first person ever to double major in electrical engineering and dance.

(Note from a person that has gone to college: double majoring in EE and dance is not only not hard to get approval for, but it’s also completely useless. Unless, of course, Moose later wants to pursue a double PhD in EE and dance.)

Last, we see Natalie in Grand Central Terminal. Natalie met Luke at the beginning of the film, and she’s about to take a train to California. She’s also spent the entire film convincing Luke, the guy who loves dance so much that he lives in a warehouse full of dancers, to pursue is real passion, which is film???? In any case, Luke decides to take a train with her to California so he can study film.

For those of you that are curious, taking a train to California is like taking a plane there:


Except it’s twice the price and takes about 2 days longer:


Oh, and since it’s in 3D, along the way, the film involves a lot of pointing at the camera while dancing.

The end.

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One thought on “Cut to the Chases: Limitless, Take Me Home Tonight, and Step Up 3D: Tokyo Drift

  1. Mike says:

    The summary of Step Up 3D was pretty long. Can you do a Cut to the Chase about the Cut to the Chase for Step Up 3D so I can read a summary?

    Also, what train from Grand Central goes to California!?!? I assume she was going to GCT so she could ride the subway to Penn Station, which has actual long distance trains.

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