The Brush-Your-Teeth Dieting Technique


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Growing up in a Chinese1 household, there was one rule that was really ingrained in me: you do not eat for the rest of the night after you’ve brushed your teeth. Simply having the feeling of clean teeth after brushing my teeth at night would completely deter me from wanting food. The idea of sullying my freshly cleaned pearly whites was just so disgusting.

That led me to the creation of the “Brush-Your-Teeth Dieting Technique.” Now, any time I’m finished eating for the day, I’ll brush my teeth immediately, preventing me from wanting to eat for the rest of the night. Sure, I’m not going to lie, I’m thinking about having a bowl of ramen right now, but in the battle of appetite vs clean teeth, clean teeth prevails. Brilliant!

1Is that a Chinese thing? I had always assumed everyone was like this, but when I told a former non-Chinese2 roommate that I couldn’t order late night Chinese food with him because I had already brushed my teeth, he pretty much gave me this look:


2He’s Chinese now. No, just joking, I just omitted a comma and thought it’d be funnier to leave it out.


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