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How “Why Dieting Doesn’t Work” articles work

Being an avid reader of fitness articles that are supposed to help people lose weight, I’ve read a good number of articles all called “Why Dieting Doesn’t Work.”

Here’s one from a website called, a site devoted to getting cut and jacked.

They generally follow this template:

Dieting doesn’t work because your body doesn’t like dieting. blah blah blah leptin blah blah insulin sensitivity blah blah metabolism blah blah cortisol.

So instead, here’s a diet that works! blah blah blah natural food and exercise!

Yes that’s right. The entire premise of the article is that dieting doesn’t work, and then they offer you a diet that does work at the end. How are they able to do this? By introducing the loophole that if you don’t call it a diet, it can work. Additionally, if it’s a diet under the guise of “being sensible” then it’ll probably work!

Examples of the diets that do work (because they’re not called “diets”):

  • Just weight train and eat more natural foods!
  • Do circuit training and eat foods with more antioxidants, good fat, and protein!
  • Just eat what a caveman would eat and do exercises that a caveman would do!

This advice is great for people who are overweight, know that they want to lose weight, and didn’t realize that eating sensibly and exercising were required, but for everyone else, you might just want to skip articles about why dieting doesn’t work!