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Chemistry inspired sandwiches

From the genius that brought you Al’s Light Meals (you remember, the sandwiches cooked in photocopiers?) comes a new quantum leap in sandwich shops:


Bohr’s Head Sandwiches come with pretty mediocre meat, but they’re known for our signature ingredients:

  • Rydberg Bread – A Rye bread, baked fresh, almost constantly
  • Atomic hot sauceguaranteed to give you the runs for your money!
  • Vidalia anion sauce – a sweet and tangy onion sauce that will positively get you charged (disclaimer: it’ll actually likely negatively charge you)

    Or, ask for your sandwich EXTRA BOHRING and we’ll not put any sauce on it at all. It’ll just be meat and bread.

    Each sandwich comes with our Paschenfruit smoothie. It’s so good, you’d have to see it to believe (and you’d have to wear infrared goggles to see it)!

    So next time you’re at a deli, demand Bohr’s Head Sandwiches!

    (For those of you who completely don’t get the joke, uh… here)

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    Al’s Light Meals

    Are you sick of eating greasy food? Are you done with going to restaurants that pollute the environment?

    Fact: Global warming’s main causes are cooking smoke from greasy restaurants and human flatulence that result from eating greasy meals from said restaurants.


    The picture above is of an ACTUAL RESTAURANT*.

    *No it’s not.

    Well do I have a solution for you:


    Rather than conventional cooking techniques that kill puppies, Al’s Light Meal restaurants cook your food in photocopiers:


    “But how can this possibly work?” you may ask. The answer is simple: science!

    Photons from the photocopier collide with the raw food molecules, cooking them.


    The result: a delicious, quick, healthy meal!

    • No preservatives!
    • No trans fats!

    So next time you want a meal, come to Al’s for a LIGHT MEAL!

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