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And now for a post about death

So I was watching Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey this afternoon as part of my personal quest into self discovery when I thought to myself, “hey, how’d they get the guy from The Seventh Seal to also be in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey”?

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about death!

The Seventh Seal is kind of a big deal. You know that because it’s in the Criterion Collection. It seems like it’d be a big step down to appear in Ingmar Bergman’s seminole work (The Seventh Seal was actually about Native Americans) in 1957 and then appear 34 years later in a Bill and Ted movie.

But through a little Internet sleuthing, I figured out that in both cases, it’s not actually Death but actors playing Death that just happen to look alike.

Specifically, here’s a photo of actor William Sadler dressed up as death in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey:


And here’s a photo of President Dwight D Eisenhower playing Death in The Seventh Seal:


See? Not the same! And now we know.

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Cut to the Chases: Limitless, Take Me Home Tonight, and Step Up 3D: Tokyo Drift

For a lot of people, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a four day weekend when you finally have a chance to relax and watch a bunch of Netflix. For me, I call this “Thursday.”

This weekend, I’ve watched Limitless, Take Me Home Tonight, and Step Up 3D, and I’ll cut to the chases of all three of them.

1. Limitless220px-Limitless_Poster

Bradley Cooper takes a pill that makes him smart. When he stops taking the pill, he vomits a lot and walks funny. Russian loan sharks are mean to him. Robert De Niro pretends to know a lot about money.



220px-Take_Me_Home_Tonight_Poster2. Take Me Home Tonight

See: Can’t Hardly Wait. For kicks, you can also see Post Grad, but I don’t recommend it. That’s probably just over-thinking it.

Warning: This film is vaguely 80’s themed. Like Donnie Darker, but vaguer.


220px-Step_up_3d3. Step Up 3D: Tokyo Drift

This is a save-the-rec-center-via-dance ala Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo style film, but instead of a rec center for kids, it’s a warehouse where Luke, a guy who loves to dance, houses a bunch of other people that love to dance. Yes, they all just live in a warehouse.

This is also about Moose from Step Up 2D. Though he loves to dance, his parents want him to pursue a career in engineering, so this is a story of Moose moving to New York to study electrical engineering at NYU.

How does it end? Well, it’s really a three-part ending.

First, they win the dance competition against a rival dance group called "the Samurai,” earning enough money to save their dance warehouse.

Then, we see Moose in a heartfelt meeting with his dean proposing that they allow him to be the first person ever to double major in electrical engineering and dance.

(Note from a person that has gone to college: double majoring in EE and dance is not only not hard to get approval for, but it’s also completely useless. Unless, of course, Moose later wants to pursue a double PhD in EE and dance.)

Last, we see Natalie in Grand Central Terminal. Natalie met Luke at the beginning of the film, and she’s about to take a train to California. She’s also spent the entire film convincing Luke, the guy who loves dance so much that he lives in a warehouse full of dancers, to pursue is real passion, which is film???? In any case, Luke decides to take a train with her to California so he can study film.

For those of you that are curious, taking a train to California is like taking a plane there:


Except it’s twice the price and takes about 2 days longer:


Oh, and since it’s in 3D, along the way, the film involves a lot of pointing at the camera while dancing.

The end.

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Things that have returned

I saw this ad on Facebook about the return of Beavis and Butthead:


And it inspired me to create a post called “Things that have returned” where I list things that have returned and provide some half-assed commentary.

Here’s a list of things that have returned:

1. The Jedi


Were there any Asians in the entire trilogy? This blog says yes.

2. Batman


For a while, I considered this to be the last Batman movie where anyone tried until Batman Begins. Then I rewatched it and decided that everyone that was involved in creating this movie had to be on hallucinogens.

3. The King


This was way harder than it really had to be. You just had to ask all of the dead people, “hey, I need you to do me a favor and destroy 2 armies.” I don’t know why nobody thought of that.

4. The Living Dead


I don’t know why I posted this. I’ve never seen it.

5. Jafar


I haven’t seen this, but guessing from other “Return of” movies that I have seen, the evil Aladdin create a giant sphere-shaped space station with the power of destroying planets. He paints the likeness of himself and his friends on the side. Jafar, representing the knights of the Old Republic, flies with a fleet of rebels into a tiny hole and destroys the whole thing like he did two movies ago in Aladdin 0: A New Hope.

6. Superman


Returned: Superman.

Noticeably absent in this film: Writing.

7. Jimmy Wale’s face on Wikipedia asking you for money


Dude’s got a muscly face and he wants your monies.

Cut to the Chase–Crossing the Line

crossingthelineThe other day, I watched this documentary called Crossing the Line. It’s about a soldier from the US army that defected to North Korea in 1962. To condense the 1.5hr documentary to a single sentence:

I defected to North Korea and it was mediocre.

Of note about this documentary: it’s narrated by Christian Slater! But more on that in another post.

What I thought was specially crazy was the propaganda from the North Koreans, trying to convince soldiers to defect. They’d be all like, “hey, come over to North Korea. Everything’s awesome here, and we’ll give you money.” You know how you know that something isn’t right? When someone’s willing to give you money to take something awesome.

It’s like if Blizzard were like, hey, come play StarCraft2. It’s really fun, and you’ll get to play with girls that look like this:


That’s Ailuj. She’s a diamond Protoss player (pret-ty good). Sure, there’s the possibility that you’ll end up playing with her, but realistically, you’ll end up playing with someone like Fat Mike:


Note that I said “like.” Fat Mike isn’t even a real person. It’s just an undoctored photo I found of my roommate where he looks fat for some reason. So you won’t even get to play with Fat Mike. Because he doesn’t exist!

But I guess the real point was that there’s no way that StarCraft2 would be fun AND let you play with girls that look Ailuj because Blizzard would have no incentive to put that together!

Anyway, next up, what DID happen to Christian Slater???

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Not really cutting to the chase–Cowboys and Aliens

220px-Cowboys_&_AliensHave you ever woken up in a movie theater, looked up at the screen, and thought to yourself, “really? We’re still on this scene?” That’s what happened to me when I was seeing Cowboys and Aliens today.

I’d love to do a “cut to the chase” summary about this film but I really just don’t know what happened. There were a bunch of people and a bunch of aliens, and things happened, and I don’t know why, and there seemed to be a lot of people firing revolvers at bullet-proof aliens. Oh, but arrows and sticks seemed to hurt them.

What might be more interesting is that I got to test my motorcycle gear in a movie theater during a long, boring movie. The tests I conducted were:

  • Sitting in them in an air conditioned theater for about 2 hours
  • Sleeping in them for some periods

Results: It was pretty warm. Ventilated boots don’t really keep you cool when you’re not at speed, and any time you fidget, which you’ll do during a boring movie, you make a loud swishing noise.

So there you have it—that’s my review of my motorcycle pants.

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When it’s okay to like Harry Potter

hermioneEarlier, I shared an article about why it’s okay to like Harry Potter. In this post, I look at the timing aspect of this and describe when it’s okay to like Harry Potter.

One cannot like Harry Potter all the time. Quoth Plato’s Republic, “the sound of the flute played in the Phrygian mode, like Harry Potter, is recommended to improve the disposition of children and adults in certain circumstances.”

So when is it okay to like Harry Potter? Simply, it’s when you’re in any one of the following situations:

  • You are dressed up as a character from Harry Potter.
    At this point, you might as well embrace it.
  • You are watching Harry Potter
    Once again, you’re already there, you might as well sit back and enjoy Alan Rickman take over the scene as Severus Snape.
  • There is at least one girl around you that likes Harry Potter.
    You don’t just start talking about Harry Potter if it’s just a bunch of dudes. However, this does not apply to Hermione Granger. You are always allowed to like Hermione Granger.
  • You are a girl and you’ve read the books.
    This one is just based on observation. I don’t know of any girls that like Harry Potter but haven’t read the books. I postulate that it’s because it’s not socially acceptable.
  • You wrote the books
    JK Rowling and Truman Capote are both allowed to like Harry Potter.
  • Someone is being obnoxious about how much they like Lord of the Rings and the only thing that would bring them down a notch is a well-structured argument about why Harry Potter is better than Lord of the Rings.
    Lord of the Rings is about elves and orcs. Harry Potter is about love and aspiring to meet one’s full potentials. And little banker goblins.
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Cut to the Chase–Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

fatsickFat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a documentary about an overweight Australian guy who goes around the US having the following conversation with Americans in different parts of the US:

Australian:  Hey there. Do you eat vegetables?

American: No.

Australian: How do you feel about your weight?

American: I should probably lose some weight, but I enjoy food too much. I’d rather die happy.

Australian: Ah. You know, I’m on this fast.

American: Yeah?

Australian: Yeah, I don’t eat anything. Instead, I put a bunch of vegetables and fruits in a juicer and drink my food.

American:  Oh

Australian: It’s full of micronutrients. Instead of all of those refined chemicals.

American: Yeah?

Australian: I’m losing a lot of weight, and it’s curing my urticaria.

American: That’s good.

Australian: Want to try it?

[Cut to parking lot where Australian and American are behind the Australian’s truck. The Australian blends up some juice (in the back of his truck) and both the American and the Australian take a sip.]

American: That’s not bad.

This conversation is repeated with other people for the next hour and a half. Moral of the story: If you’re suffering from bizarre autoimmune conditions, ask your rheumatologist about putting vegetables in a juicer!

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Cut to the Chase– Quantum of Solace

220px-Qos-teaserEva Green and I started dating a few years back when Casino Royale made it to cable TV. We’d see each other about once a week on weekends, and at first, everything was great. It felt like we really hit it off. We had a lot in common, every date seemed new and exciting, (and she wasn’t bad looking either). However, after a while, things started to get old, she just seemed really predictable, and she’d always end up with the suave British guy.

Fortunately, Quantum of Solace finally came to cable last week which helped me get over Eva. Unfortunately, the plot of Quantum of Solace goes like this:

  1. Evil guy representing world-wide terrorist organization goes to general of rebel army and offers to take down the existing government, giving power to the general. Evil guy does this in exchange for land that doesn’t seem to be of any value.
  2. General accepts the offer!
  3. Evil guy delivers and then reveals that the land controls 60% of the country’s source of water and sells the water back to the general at a marked up price.
  4. General declines the offer!
  5. Evil guy threatens the general with violence if the general does not reconsider.
  6. General accepts the offer!

Well-played, evil guy! But I feel like you could’ve just cut to the chase had you done this:

  1. Evil guy threatens the existing regime with violence if they do not give him a lot of money.
  2. Evil guy throws a dinner party which involves large bowls of ice cream and dough nuts (I got this idea from Harry Potter).

So that’s my cutting to the chase of Quantum of Solace. Perhaps next time, I’ll write about something I’m really passionate about: bears wearing a fez and riding disproportionately tiny tricycles.

Why it’s okay to like Harry Potter

Last week, I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 (which I’ve also heard referred to as ‘arry Potter 7.5). The story made no sense to me, and I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying because of the British accents.

At first, I assumed that the problem was that I hadn’t seen the other movies, but upon talking to my Harrytard friends (is that offensive? I should’ve called them Potterheads), I realized that I have in fact seen all of the movies, and I already knew plenty of the back story. The plot just didn’t make any sense.

But I digress! I actually do like Harry Potter. I am a weight lifting, combat sporting, motorcycle riding, bacon eating guy, and I think Harry Potter is an okay series of movies for the following reasons:

  1. Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, and sometimes, Luna Lovegood.
    Add to cart!
  2. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape.
    Have you ever seen the Family Guy clip about Alan Rickman’s answering machine? Brilliant!
  3. Wizards eat like pigs
    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think about the mountains of ice cream, giant bowls of jello, and copious pies and cakes from Half-blood Prince.

So ya, that’s about it. I feel like I could probably post a series of articles about specific problems I have with Harry Potter storylines, but I’ve got a long list of higher priority things I wanted to gripe about like Lord of the Rings.


Cut to the Chase – Valentine

200px-Valentine_film For those of you planning to watch the film Valentine, IT WAS THE KINDA PRETTY GIRL THAT USED TO BE FAT GETTING REVENGE BECAUSE SHE USED TO BE FAT.

Now you have no reason to watch it and can spend your time better elsewhere. You’re welcome.