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A Danny Tanner 180?

ImageIn my daily “hour of deep thought” today, I was thinking for a bit about shower curtains which reminded me of the episode of Full House when Danny Tanner joins Uncle Jesse’s band and chooses the stage name “Mildew.” I was thinking, “ha ha, oh Danny.”

But then I remembered an episode earlier on when Danny, Jesse, and Joey’s moms all visited and decided that they were going to move in because Danny, Jesse, and Joey were too messy and needed help with the room. The boys then decided to spend all day cleaning the house, thus proving once and for all that they were capable of taking care of themselves.

Which leads to the question: When did Danny go from messy guy to neat freak? Was there some story arc here that I missed, or was this like Laura’s sister being written off Family Matters where we weren’t supposed to notice?

Other questions:

  1. Danny was a news anchor for a daytime news show, Jesse was a musician, and Joey was a comedian. How was it that they were able to afford a house in San Francisco that could support Danny, Jesse, Joey, their three moms, and Danny’s three kids? (Yes, I realize that they expanded into the garage and the attic, but that still seems pretty impressive for San Francisco)
  2. Isn’t the fact that Danny, Jesse, and Joey only cleaned when their moms were threatening to move in just further proof that their mothers’ presence is needed in order to keep the house in order?