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Halogens and Golden Girls!

Any time I hear someone refer to the element bromine as “Br,” I really want them to follow it with “thur!”


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My thoughts on electrons

I’ve got a chemistry exam tomorrow, so I’ve been thinking about electrons a bunch. Here’s some of the output of that thinking:

Heisenberg Uncertainty Cartoons

Version 1


Version 2


The following exhibit ionic character





The Name's Bond - Ionic Bond - Taken, Not Shared

And now for something unrelated to chemistry


The Houston… Eulers????


Chemistry inspired sandwiches

From the genius that brought you Al’s Light Meals (you remember, the sandwiches cooked in photocopiers?) comes a new quantum leap in sandwich shops:


Bohr’s Head Sandwiches come with pretty mediocre meat, but they’re known for our signature ingredients:

  • Rydberg Bread – A Rye bread, baked fresh, almost constantly
  • Atomic hot sauceguaranteed to give you the runs for your money!
  • Vidalia anion sauce – a sweet and tangy onion sauce that will positively get you charged (disclaimer: it’ll actually likely negatively charge you)

    Or, ask for your sandwich EXTRA BOHRING and we’ll not put any sauce on it at all. It’ll just be meat and bread.

    Each sandwich comes with our Paschenfruit smoothie. It’s so good, you’d have to see it to believe (and you’d have to wear infrared goggles to see it)!

    So next time you’re at a deli, demand Bohr’s Head Sandwiches!

    (For those of you who completely don’t get the joke, uh… here)

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    A “return” to homework?

    Many of you who read my blog may have been out of academia long enough that you don’t remember what homework was like. I’m here to describe it to you, based on my current experiences retaking General Chemistry.

    1. You log onto your class’s website to receive instructions about going to another site.
    2. You create an account on the other site with a completely different set of credentials, and you give them your credit card number so they can do whatever they want with it.
    3. The site tries to upsell you on the eBook. The eBook is the same as the textbook that you spent up to $150, but it’s more… uh… electronic.
    4. You spend a bunch of time learning a crazy language for talking to computers via plaintext <input> fields. For example, H2O is written as “H_2_O.” Superscripts, like in OH+, are written as “OH^+^.” It’s like a cat smiling at you!
    5. If you get a set of problems right, the site tries to encourage you:


    But it does so sometimes in an awkward way like it didn’t expect you to succeed:


    And sometimes it just says crazy ass shit:


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