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Dear pinterest fitness, plz post harder workouts

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One of my roommates recently said to me, “you should check out pinterest’s fitness page. It’s got a lot of pictures of hot women.” That sounded pretty good to me! (He actually had me at “should”! Advice he gives is often sound!).


So I checked it out and noticed a pattern. The vast majority of content in the fitness page fall into the following 3 categories:

  1. Pictures of attractive women with amazing bodies. Just as promised, there are lots of these, and they’re generally accompanied by comments like, “my goal for my abs.”
  2. Pictures of attractive women with amazing bodies with motivational captions. They usually say things like, “Be strong! Don’t give up! Stay tough! Do it for your health! No excuses! More exclamation points!”
  3. Suggested workouts that can be done in under ten minutes with no equipment. This is my favorite part. The other two categories get you all pumped thinking that everyone pinning stuff must be highly motivated and hardcore. They’re probably doing crazy weights with barbells and then running half marathons on a daily basis! …and then you see all of these workouts that are like, “Blast fat away! Doing 500 jumping jacks in 5 minutes is like 40 minutes of running!”

5 minute workouts are way better than nothing, and I’m glad that everyone’s sharing some ideas ideas that will help people fit exercise into their daily schedules, but I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there: the women in these photos probably didn’t get to where they are by doing jumping jacks or taking the Special K challenge. Their workouts probably weren’t very convenient.

In conclusion: to everyone on pinterest, plz post harder workout suggestions. Thx!

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