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Motorcycle Diaries–Stupid drivers

Good sirs, I offer you a story about a happening that occurred today as I was driving home. A few blocks from my apartment, there’s an intersection that looks like this:


I’m getting into the left turn lane going north. The drawing isn’t really to scale, so imagine that there’s actually more distance (75m) between me and the intersection:


And I’m slowing down because I’ve got a red light, and there’s traffic to my right turning into the opposing lanes to my left:


However, there’s a car that seems to miss the turn and is now headed straight for me:


And to just to give a real accurate picture of what’s going on, there are cars to my right, which reduces the viability of swerving into the lane over:


So what happens next? Well, here’s a hint: I’m alive, and I’m not “ghostwriting” this blog (lol double meaning???)

Well, fortunately, the red car realized that they were headed straight for me and not in their actual lane and pulled over to their actual lane. After I thought about it, I thought, “wow, that was really messed up.” However, at the moment, it didn’t actually really occur to me that I was in danger, and I just lined myself up with the right edge of the lane to avoid a collision:


And that’s that. It sucks that if we had collided, it would have really, really sucked for me. However, the thing that’s nice about being on a motorcycle is that you’re way quicker, you fit into smaller spaces, and you have a pretty good feel for what’s around you because you’re not in a cage full of blind spots.

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